Top Sites in Burgos, Spain: Walking the Ancient Wall of Burgos

Chanthaburi Fruit Festival

The famous Italian retailer Marco Polo visited Hangzhou from the 13th century also called it”the greatest and most glorious city in the world.” Its reputation as a wonderful travel destination has not altered. All these are the top 10 things to visit and eat from Hangzhou, China.

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The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. — Marcel Proust (abbreviated version)

Old Stone Bridge — Konjic

Things to do in Ohrid include visiting the most famous of these churches, as well as enjoying the lakefront and seeing several ancient ruins, medieval monuments, and Ottoman constructions in the vicinity.

Old Stone Bridge -- Konjic

Take a Beverage at Sky View Bar

There is no place on this world. It offers something for everyone, from its tens of thousands of years of rich history and culture, its celestial food, and its inhabitants that are charming and warm. This magical city includes wonders around every corner and surprises , like the five we all discussed here. Do yourself a favor and book a trip to this town that is incredible when possible. You won’t regret it.

Take a Beverage at Sky View Bar

Best Roman ruins in Galicia, Spain

I challenge them to test at least once, although they might not be to everybody’s liking!

Best Roman ruins in Galicia, Spain

Reasons Behind the Price Drop

One of the best restaurants to find a taste of delicious and exotic Hangzhou cuisine is Grandma’s House (formerly known as Grandma’s Kitchen) from the Xihu Tiandi region. From what I noticed, it is a restaurant and it was packed the night that I visited.

Reasons Behind the Price Drop


Next up: David heads to Kimberly Street for dinner to try Char Koay Teow (fried prawn noodles). The secret to really good Char Koay Teow is the heat of the wok – the hotter the better. A plate of these tasty prawn noodles will run you about 8 Malaysian Ringgit, or about 2 U.S. Dollars. Pair it with a limau asam boi (refreshing lime and sour plum drink). David also takes the opportunity to try Koay Teow on Kimberly Street. This is another type of noodle bowl served with chicken and a rich, sweet duck sauce.

Camino de Santiago

22. Thailand Visited in January 2014

Marvel in the Grand Palace

This 17th-century mosque, built by Sultan Ahmed I, gets its name from the above 20,000 handmade blue Iznik tiles that decorate it. Note women should wear a headscarf and that mosque visitors have to remove their shoes.