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Next we drove into the Design District and visited Mandolin Aegean Bistro. This restaurant serves a mix between Greek and Turkish food. We had some Hummus, Taziki and Tirokafteri plus some delicious Greek white wine.

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I Also Had a National flight in Turkey in Istanbul to Antalya and flew round-trip to Istanbul from Miami.I loved the way the Bluesmart performed. With all the bans and fostered safety, I wanted to travel light. The carry-on has wheelsthat glided.

Madrid’s Royal Palace

After sightseeing, David works up an appetite. He heads to the pedestrian zone in the city center to get a snack of roasted corn sprinkled with cheese. For just 3 leva you can also enjoy this delicious snack.


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One of the most beautiful and relaxing places in Malta can be found on the small island of Comino. This is the secluded inlet known as the Blue Lagoon, a bay that derives its distinctive color from the glowing white sand below the surface. Comino is a popular spot for divers, snorkelers, hikers and bird watchers.

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It was clear to me that spending some time at Haeundae Beach is still one of the best things to see and do at Busan Although I didn’t have the opportunity to go for a swim or sunbathe. It’s relaxing and beautiful !


Stop by the Citadella for Views

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30 Inspiring Instagram Images of Swaziland

Pirin Sings Folklore Festival

We attended the stingray feeding which was a blast. They take place every day at 10:30 and 1pm, on Sunday the feedings occurs at 1:30pm. They have a staff of about 250 volunteers and have been serving the community for 54 years. On the preserve they have four sea turtles that weigh in at 200 pounds each.


Khao Yai National Park

If you’re planning a trip to Europe from North America (or vice versa), consider taking Icelandair for a stopover of up to 7 days in Iceland with no additional charge to your fares. Join me for #MyStopover with Icelandair where I spend 72 incredible hours in Iceland!

Visit the Monastery of Sveti Naum and Black Drim Springs

Today, the castle continues to house national treasures. The highlights of a tour of the Karlstejn Castle are the Imperial Palace, Hall of Knights, St. Nicholas Chapel, Royal Palace, Audience Hall, the library. Also, the picturesque 30 minute walk up to the castle is an attraction itself.


Wild Food Dinners

 Amazing homemade dessert at Izbata Tavern and Winery in Sofia

Stroll the Doha Corniche

David’s Been Here is on Las Ballenas Beach in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. A pristine stretch of shoreline dotted with swaying palms and nearly deserted sands- Las Ballenas is the quintessential paradise location. Named after the whales that mate just off the shoreline, come to one of the Dominican’s best beaches to experience unbeatable scenery, crystal clear waters and a hassle free day. Go sailing, swimming, snorkeling, or just soak in the rays at this exclusive Las Terrenas location. Find Las Ballenas and all the Dominican’s best-hidden spots with the David’s Been Here Guide to the Dominican Republic, now available for your Kindle as well.

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While Ella is slowly receiving a lot of tourists, the surrounding countryside and the town itself still offer ample opportunities to experience an authentic Sri Lanka. Go out there and explore the town and the regions around it.

Eat Lamb Hot Pot at the Beijing Lamp Restaurant

Best place to dance the night away: Donde Fidel Salsa Club – most people in Cartagena are not wallflowers; they will get up and dance, and so should you.

Do Locals Understand English?

If there’s a place in Barcelona that you must visit, then it’s the Sagrada Familia. This is Barcelona’s “Wow” sight, and it was designed by Antoni Gaudí as his last project. Taking a 1.5 hour guided tour to this magnificent building lets it inspire awe to you by its sheer verticality, and in the manner of the medieval cathedrals it emulates. Once inside, you’ll get to admire the opulent ceilings and its stained glass windows while at the same time learning about this unfinished constructions and its charismatic creator. The architectural design and historical significance that this building holds is not to be missed! Book your Sagrada Familia tour here.

The Coconut Grove Saturday Farmers Market

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Among the 990-acre site’s ruins are a theatre, bath, odeon, gymnasium complex, and stadion. Both Caesar Augustus and St. Paul famously visited the city; Augustus reportedly considered moving the capital of the Roman Empire there, and St. Paul’s three visits makes the now-ruined city an important Christian landmark.


Boat Tour of Phang Nga Bay

This Baroque wharf is over 250 years old. It was commissioned by Grand Master Pinto to serve as a marketplace for European merchants. Just as they were then, the warehouse windows are painted in a color that represents what was sold inside (i.e. red for meat market, blue for fish market). Although the warehouses are no longer in use, they remind us of Malta’s role in Mediterranean commerce.

The Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Best time to go: October through April

2. Board First

So there you have it – A guide of what to see in Transnistria. It’s not a place for everyone and isn’t your typical European country, but that’s what traveling is all about – discovering new places around the world!


Shop for Souvenirs at the Stara ?aršija (Old Bazaar)

If you absolutely love hitting the slopes, there’s no better time to treat yourself to an adrenaline-packed getaway than the festive season. There are so many last-minute deals available over Christmas and new year, you’ve really got the opportunity to treat yourself or a loved one to a festive break they won’t forget in a hurry.


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With ample supply of seafood and an abundance of fresh lamb, visitors will enjoy an endless array of delicious food. Faroese gastronomy has gotten a lot of media attention lately, and for good reason. The islands are home to a variety of unique herbs that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. They also boast world-renown chefs who are turning traditional Faroese dishes into haute cuisine that rivals Europe’s Michelin Star tasting menus. Langoustine, salmon, lamb, and Faroese cod are just some of the local delicacies.

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Dimitris restaurant is delicious! We had a rock lobster pasta, white wine, Greek salad, meze plates, and a grilled fish!

Magna Grecia Hotel

Mont Saint-Michel is the second largest and most important sightseeing after the Eiffel Tower. Mont Saint-Michel is a rocky, pointed island that is connected by a dam to the northwestern part of mainland France. This is the only inhabited rocky island of the three in the Bay of Saint Michel. Later, this island with a granite base was turned into a medieval fortress.


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Inside the palace is a huge terrace with balconies and walkways branching off of it, as well as multiple rooms below and a garden outside. The palace is gorgeous, but be forewarned: the entry fee for foreigners is 300 rupees, while locals only pay 25 rupees.

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Few places deliver history quite like Athens can. Traces of its 7,000-year evolution from small democratic city-state to modern metropolis are evident throughout its archaeological sites. Athens has been coveted by many world powers throughout time, including the Persians, Romans, and Ottomans. As is the case with most conquered lands, Athens was leveled and rebuilt several times throughout history.

Etruscan Gate “Augustas”

Make sure you also try the skewered tofu beef (400 Yen/$3.57 U.S.) using wasabi and ponzu sauce. It’s absolutely incredible along with bonito flakes and the shredded seaweed on top give it an remarkable texture.

Best Roman ruins in Galicia, Spain

So there you have 5 great wedding gift ideas for couples that travel. Do you have more suggestions? Leave us a comment below!

Try Chocolate at Café Simon

The Grotto is a cavernous underground space with only a few religious items including a plaque commemorating Pope John Paul II’s visit to Malta in 1990, and a statue of St. Paul, which was gifted in 1748 by Grand Master Pinto. Access to the church and grotto is free of charge.