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Top Things to See and Do in Malang

While France is a pretty safe place to visit, like anywhere, there’s always the possibility of trouble or danger. Just as you would in any city, watch out for petty theft in the more touristy places, as this is where criminals are more likely to target. One common scam by French criminals involves thieves approaching travelers under the pretense of asking for donations or signatures for charity. While the tourist is distracted, a second individual will then take the opportunity to pickpocket. As such, make sure you are constantly aware of your surroundings and carry valuables in your front pockets to avoid becoming a victim.

See the sights from a CocoTax

You are able to ski and then head out for a different activity every day. Is winter and snowmobiling fishing.

SaunaTour Expertise

Do not open your carry-ons to check for your personal belongings right away. It can also lead to lost items. Wait until you get to your destination and then open your bags to find your clothes, laptop or tablet.


Why The Salkantay Trail?

All aboard! We are taking off!



Restaurant: Yes, let me see if he is available. Who may I ask is calling?

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Restaurant Megdana, Plovdiv

American and Thai Millennials abandoned their careers in military and fund to become traveling inspirers & storytellers. Beginning the life of non-stop traveling as September, 2017 with $4000 in savings accounts. Sharing our travel across the means of life we have always dreamt of — traveling and also being able to work wherever we love (so long as there are still Wi-Fi and java ).


11) Lillehammer

The elaborate figures on the exterior of the temple are beautiful and mysterious. When you finish there, do not miss a spice garden tour. Apart from the one recommended in this guide, there are many places offering similar services. Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, and Anuradhapura comprise the “cultural triangle” of Sri Lanka. Each has its own charms, but Sigiriya is different; a true testament to one man’s love of power and pursuit of lavishness.

A Visual Guide to Romanesque Architecture: Touring Zamora’s Cathedral

Restaurant Motto, Sofia

In today’s Celebrity Travel Addicts Q & A I interview my friend and fellow world traveler Nellie Huang of Wild Junket. I have known Nellie for over 8 years, we met up in Miami and again during the World Travel Market in London of 2014. Nellie is always on the go, she has traveled to 117 countries and all 7 continents. She now even travels with her 3 year old daughter to some of the most unique countries on the planet! Meet Nellie and check out her Top 5 List for Madagascar and where she’s headed to next!

Grab Flatbread Sandwiches in Mdina

Good question! Honestly, it’s been a lot of hard work over the years to even get to this point, and I’m tiny compared to other bloggers/vloggers out there. But I’ve always tried to tell it the way things are and to find the positivity in everywhere I go – I think that resonates with people a lot.


Larnaka’s history is deeply connected to the sea. The Larnaka district is known for its pristine beaches and quaint villages. Heading to Agia Napa or Paralimni for the day is a great way to experience the island’s famed beaches. But for those who want to stay put, Larnaka has plenty of sand and surf to keep anyone satisfied. Towns like Lefkara, Voroklini, Protaras and Kornos each have something different to offer travelers. Whether you are in search of local crafts, relaxation or mouth-watering meze, the villages within the Larnaka region have it all.

See the Heroes’ Square and Also the Millennium Monument

David’s Been Here continues its archaeological journey through El Salvador to the ancient city of San Andres. Dating back to 900 BC, this city was once an important commercial and religious center for the Mayan people, housing the government body and controlling trade between surrounding villages and cities. Tour through the site as David displays the ruins of government houses, the main plaza and pyramids dotting the site. With most of the city still undergoing excavation, there’s something new to experience every time you visit. Tour this amazing archaeological site and learn even more about the ancient Mayan world with the DBH Guide: El Salvador, also available for your Kindle.


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There is also a nearby indoor marketplace, where you are able to go to a restaurant named Konamon Bar Rikyu, where you are able to buy some mouthwatering various deep-fried skewers to get 860 Ranked /$7.82 U.S. and wash them down with a beer for 600 Ranked /$5.45. This amazing collection contains tempura eggs, fish cakes, fish skewers, shrimp, along with a fish patty with a different sauces, including an outstanding roe sauce.


What to See and Eat in Canakkale, Turkey

Visit Ortspitze, Where Three Rivers Meet

Due to their speed that was swift, the hundreds of miles between towns can be addressed in as little as two. Nowhere is this more noticeable than to the Tokaido Shinkansen line, where the journey between Tokyo and Kyoto will take 20 minutes and no more than two hours. There’s also a wait period as little as 3 to half an hour, involving trains, which means the rail line averages roughly 365 providers per day.


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David’s Been Here is traveling through Malaysia in search of the country’s best restaurants and top flavors. In this travel short, David brings us to the beautiful Cameron Highlands where he dines at Uncle Chow’s Restaurant. One of the best restaurants in all of the Cameron Highlands, this locally owned and operated eatery specializes in authentic Malaysian cuisine, attracting both locals and tourists alike. No matter what dish is coming out of the kitchen, all menu selections are fresh and homemade by Mrs. Chow herself. Combining Chinese and Malay flavors with local herbs and spices, stop by this top Malaysian eatery the next time you’re in the Cameron Highlands to see why so many people love Malaysian cuisine!


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Helping people experience this for themselves was the driving force behind setting up the business. Deciding to cut out any middlemen, Galapatours choose to work directly with the owners and operators of all the licensed tourist vessels in Galapagos, and they have built a unique portal that allows you to search through every itinerary the fleet has to offer.

Take a Carriage Ride

The Liquid Riot isn’t your typical brewery. Their claim to fame as Maine’s first Brewery/Distillery/Resto-Bar has made them the go-to place for someone looking for a bit of everything to try. Delicious charcuterie, single malt whiskey, dark IPA beer, specialty cocktails – you name it, they have it!


Have a Heuriger Dinner

The hotel, that’s the dreamchild of Andre Kaise along with Saramaccan tribespeople Aelientje Adipi, has been constructed between 2000 and 1994. The bungalows are arranged around a central yard. This peaceful resort offers everything you could possibly want and is easily one of the reasons to visit with Isadou Island.

7. Don’t miss the Napali Coast.

The Drum Tower hundred meters south stands. This wooden building features also a yellow roof exterior walls, along with a multi-eaved structure. Daily, Such as the Bell Tower, the drums interior were seemed at two-hour intervals. People will move up to the top of the Drum Tower to see a performance at 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 2:30 pm, and 3:30 pm, and 4:30 pm. Admission to both towers (Through Ticket) is ¥30.

Have Da Dong Roast Duck

The next location we visit is Tasmajdan Park, a public park in the surrounding urban neighborhood of central Belgrade. The park was bombed by NATO in 1999. There are two churches, St. Mark’s Church “Serbian Orthodox” and a Russian Orthodox Church.  Now we head out to try Burek a Balkan staple food! Burek is a dough filled with either cheese, spinach, or meat. David tries both a cheese and a spinach and cheese.


Tour the Mayan Ruins of Mexico and Tips for Visiting Tulum, Riviera Maya

Chiang Rai White Temple

Tokyo is one of my favourite spots on Earth because it has a mix of the contemporary and historical society. If you are visiting for the very first time, I recommend exploring Asakusa 1 hour prior to sunset and remain till temple gets burnt up along with Nakamise dori street.

3. Wilmington, Delaware

Marrazes Rua Vale Verde
2415-555 Leiria, Portugal
+351 244813814

Ava Boutique Hotel

Besides paddle surfing and boarding, the hotel offers catamarans and the capability to book other tasks in the area such as sailing, whale watching tours, fishing expeditions and horseback riding.

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The rice gives the sausage a texture. Additionally, it has a nice flavor that goes well with the spices that are blended throughout. I’ve been ingesting morcilla actually since I was a child and this particular variety blew me away!

3. History Lovers Haven

The third base of our trip was the city of Veliko Tarnovo, with its rich 7,000-year history and many churches. The city is located on the Yantra River and was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, being home to many of the nobility. Later, it gave its name to the Tarnovo Artistic School, famous for its painting and literature styles.

Top Things to See and Do in Malang, Indonesia

Participating Wineries

With a little proper preparation and the right strategies in place, your trip could prove to be a valuable learning experience. Use these six tips to make the most of your trip:


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The Ultimate Classic and Fusion Cuban Food Tour in Miami!


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Since November of 2010 I have had many invitations from tourism boards around the world. With their help, my travel guide library has expanded considerably. I did, however have to turn down a few trips because of length; mostly because they were too short and did not give me enough time to film the David’s Been Here webshow. Sometimes tourism boards cover all my costs (flights, hotels, food, driver, car, entrances to all attractions etc.) And other times all they can provide are contacts for hotels and restaurants for me to speak with about complimentary services. Here are some strategies and tips for you to get started contacting tourism boards and turning your dream trips into reality. Here are some tips about how to work with tourism boards…


Travel insurance basics: What it does and why you need it

If you’re a lover of everything Roman, you will surely appreciate the National Museum of Roman Art (Calle José Ramón Mélida, s/n). What makes this museum unique is that an original ancient Roman street runs through it. The street was uncovered during the museum’s construction and has thankfully been spared. Along the path of the first floor you can catch a glimpse of Roman tombs as well as displays of the Romans’ religious life. The second floor consists of exhibits of their daily objects such as ceramic vessels and stone tools. The third floor of the museum features displays of several facets of life from the ancient capital. Many sculptures from the theater and amphitheater are kept here. Tapestries adorn the walls with a series of portraits. The museum contains over 35,000 artifacts from Emerita Augusta!

The Cartoon Museum

While traveling is the one we recommend within this Manas National Park travel guide also in Guwahati is one of the easiest ways to make it to the park, it’s not the sole one. Travelers in Kaziranga, Darjeeling, Shillong, and Siliguri can hit Manas National Park by street. You can also access the park from train should you want, but you would need to get off at the railroad intersection in Barpeta Road and then travel an additional 19.8 miles (32 kilometers ) to get into the park.

The Best Nightlife in Salamanca: A Night at the Irish Rover

Mehana Chuchura, Varna

The Etruscan is some great work of hydraulic engineering that belonged to the household Corbello. It is located just off Piazza IV Novembre on Piazza Danti 18.   Its construction dates back to 300 years BC and consequently exhibits the terrific technical knowledge and civic level of their Etruscan population at the time. The bottom of the well is coated with travertine, exactly the identical substance that’s been used also for the covering of the well.


Grab Flatbread Sandwiches in Mdina

This is an easy one. My fiancé and fellow travel blogger Wanderlust Chloe!

Beso Restaurant, Sofia

Completing a full, 26 mile loop of Gozo, this route begins at the Port of Mgarr, traverses the picturesque, Gozitan villages of Ghajnsielem, Xewkija, Kercem, Nadur and Qala, as well as its beautiful capital Victoria.

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Jacó is a tiny Costa Rican town that’s known for being one of the surf beaches in the nation. With towering green mountains visitors will feel as though they stepped on the shores of Jurassic Park. Surfers head 15 minutes north to Playa Hermosa, which is considered to be the very best surf beach in the nation and instead should avert Jacó Beach.  Simple to navigate, Jacó presents attractions, from the beach and the surfing. Do not lose out on the Crocodile Man excursion, situated in Tárcoles. Watching this man risk his life to feed those crocodiles for the amusement is a thrilling adventure and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

6. Pulpo (Octopus)

With an extensive selection of menu items that include beverages like sparkling wine, mimosas, and Bloody Marys; muffins, pastries, and artisanal breads; starters such as oysters on the half shell, white corn soup, poached shrimp, potato gnocchi, and sautéed fois gras; and main courses including seared ahi tuna, northern halibut, buttermilk pancakes, duck confit hash, a Maine lobster omelet, and a Cabernet-braised short rib, there is no shortage of mouthwatering options. I can’t recommend the oysters and duck confit enough; they are out of this world!

Visit the Gateway of India

Among its three stops, Perquín is the most famous (it also has the most lodging.) The capital of the heart and revolution of the resistance, the centre of the town houses the Museo de la Revolución. Five rooms display artifacts and war arenas, there is an interactive rebuilt guerrilla display, and a number of the manuals are ex-guerrillas… therefore their poignant experiences/stories are well worth hearing. Just down the street, locals occupy what was formerly a guerrilla camp; for an 1 visitors can roam into the tunnels for a exceptional experience that offers insight into the lifestyle of the guerrilla fighters.


The Best Stays in Zamora, Spain: A Night at the modern Hotel AC Zamora

Favorite restaurant in Bangkok?

After supper, you’ll head out to see the evening performance that is musical. It is a leather drum which makes deep sounds if it’s pounded. Even the monk will pound on the rhythmically for several minutes. It is a great and lovely musical experience!

Valtea 2010 Albariño from Pontevedra

This year’s festival will be held on July 17-20th at the fairgrounds just north of Laplae City. Accommodations in Laplae are few, so you may want to stay in neighboring city, Uttaradit City, about a 3 hour drive south from Chiang Mai.

#4 – Book Accommodations in Smaller Towns

Stop thinking about it. Africa is calling and SAA can get you there.


Sevilla’s La Giralda

Most notably, Nis was the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great – the man credited with converting the Roman Empire to Christianity.


BONUS: Crooked Bridge (Kriva Cuprija) — Mostar

Asilah: This popular seaside town used to be a Phoenician settlement before becoming part of Portugal, Spain, and eventually Morocco. Its defensive bastions are still intact, giving the walled historical quarter a unique look and feel. Meander the bastions and medina and enjoy the bold murals painted by local artists during Asilah’s annual culture festival. If you visit Asilah, do not miss the spectacular sunset from the ramparts! Get there early to grab a seat and don’t forget your camera. Asilah is located about 30 kilometers south of Tangier (about 40 minutes by car).

Skiing in Ruka

The Kilbrittain Castle is situated only 15 minutes from Kinsale, in the center of West Cork, and 35 minutes from Cork Airport.


Other Equipment To Bring:

Your celebration will be supplied with different ingredients such as cat roe, cabbage, mochi, scallions, flour, and more; monjayaki was called by the components into a dish.


What to See and Do in Merida, Spain


Milou blogs at Explorista, where she aims to inspire female millennials to live more adventurously – wether in their careers or their travels. She juggles her busy travel schedule and her blogs with being the CEO of her own marketing agency for travel brands called Explorista Media.


Visit the Global Vipassana Pagoda

This may surprise many people but Tokyo was amazing. Old ladies made origami animals for our kids on trains and everyone wanted to help us get around.


You would be remiss to bypass their Japanese buffet breakfast, when you stay at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo.

Familiarise yourself with Legalities

I recommend going in the morning when you research Bukchon Hanok Village. Having said that, if you visit be courteous and remain as quiet as you can. It may be a historic village, but additionally, it is still a neighborhood full of people who don’t need to be bothered at the wee hours of this afternoon by noisy tourists.


Must Visit Sites in Sri Lanka: Touring Polonnaruwa’s Gal Vihara Rock Temple

Go to the Basilica for Spectacular Views

Some of the interesting features about the cathedral include that it is separated from the cloister that is elderly.  This happened when it was rebuilt and a bit moved to the south-west, leaving the cloister during its first site.  You can see an Eselstrum tower — this would be to the cathedral’s north and was constructed to move building material, a project it still helps with even today.  There are also some stunning stained glass windows around the building, most of which date from the 1220s and 1370s.

Take a Tour of Chinatown

I’m in love with hot pot In case you haven’t figured it out today. During my period in Shanghai, I had the pleasure of enjoying it a couple of times. Among the most incredible bud adventures I had was at The Holy Cow Restaurant at Bingo Mall. This excellent Chaozhou restaurant prides itself on serving new meat, pesticide-free vegetables, and yummy and nutrient-rich broths.

Brestovitsa Wine House, Plovdiv

This beach’s clear, shallow waters make it perfect for kids and waders. Take a look at the beauty in wildflowers that are neighboring and the stone formations. In addition, don’t forget to marvel at its pink-tinged shoreline, which makes for beach photographs!

Top 8 Ancient Sites in Cyprus

What can we expect from your upcoming show, The Kind Way Around?

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Other Places of Interest

However, why not combine as many strategies as you can? If you succeed at that, you will become a master at saving money for your travel.


Feast on Malta’s Seafood in Marsaxlokk

Monforte de Lemos is divided into upper and lower districts. The upper part of the city, which is the Mount Saint Vincent area, is arguably the most beautiful. Here the Torre da Homenaxe, or Homage Tower dominates the landscape. This 98-foot-high structure was built by the Lemos family. For €1 visitors can have access to the top of the tower via the interior staircase. Next door to Homage Tower is a palatial building now being used as a national parador, or government-run luxury hotel. The hotel occupies a space that once served as the Counts’ Palace and the Benedictine Monastery of San Vicente del Pino.

Egyptian Museum of Turin

Nikon D5500 Camera, GoPro, MacbookPro and power bars.

Introduction to Greek Cuisine

Mostar had been a symbol of violence and destruction, the start of a nightmarish war in the Balkans that even brought ancient landmarks like Stari Most. Together with the Croat-Bosniak War quickening in 1993, it was a question as to whether tourists could return to enjoy the things to do in Mostar and whether the outside would ever again appreciates the beauty of Mostar.

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Go with the thali, if you wish to go all-out along with your Indian feast. It comes with flaky aloo (potato) samosas, kachori, tandoori chickenplus a layered rice dish called biryani, and fish curry. There is also a non-melting cottage cheese a flatbread called roti, along with a sweet dessert called laddu.

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After the carcasses are delivered to the stall in the meat market segment, you can watch butchers disassemble them to bits, which are then sold to customers and then hack.