Muyil (400 B.C. — 1500 A.D.)

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Serbia may be a modern country, but it boasts plenty of ancient history, with much of it dating from the Roman times. There are also many wineries and great restaurants to enjoy while touring the country.  The three cities we used as bases would be worthy of a prolonged visits in their own right and there were many other places that we would like to have visited that makes me think we may have to return to this beautiful country again in the future!

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You’ll finally land on the banks of the river. In addition, your experienced guides can jump across stones inside the rapids to find a great place to capture fish. Their aim is to use small fish as bait in order to capture piranha. Within my excursion together, they captured a big, massive fish working with a machete and utilized its organs to fish to the infamous meat-eating fish.

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I love to collect masks from all the places I travel to. In the market, I found a beautiful elephant mask for my wall back home at one of the shops. I also bought five intricately-carved elephant statues at the same shop. My total came to only 9,500 rupees, or roughly $110-$115 U.S.

House of the Sea/ Schonbrunn Zoo

Just a three minute walk from Liberty Square is the best seafood restaurant in Novi Sad, Fish and Zeleniš, which is Serbian for Fish and Greens. It’s the perfect name for the restaurant, which serves succulent, and authentic, Mediterranean fusion cuisine including succulent fish and shellfish, organic vegetables, fresh meats, Greek and Dalmatian appetizers, and homemade pasta.

What are some ways that all of us can travel more conscientiously, even if we choose to pay our own way?

Strada is a charming Italian restaurant that serves up modern versions of traditional Italian classics. Their wine list is quite impressive, as is their commitment to organic ingredients free of harmful pesticides and GMOs. You can rest assured that the beef is grass-fed and the cheeses are imported from Italy.

What are some ways that all of us can travel more conscientiously, even if we choose to pay our own way?

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Why is The Holy Cow’s meat is the fact that it’s the freshest meat possible. You’ll be able to taste the quality for it, and It’s never been frozen and feel it in the meat’s texture. Fresh is always best, it’s a game-changer, and when you’ve got a variety of tasty sauces to cook and then dip the meat in to. You’re never going to look at frozen meat exactly the exact identical manner!

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The Brera Art Gallery

Our plan is always to spend 18 months of any two-year period travelling, and six months in our home country of New Zealand. We haven’t actually managed that yet, though — it’s always longer or shorter!


Hands down… Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar!The architecture is beautiful, the wifi is quick, there are quiet rooms, Apple Mac books areas and it’s super clean!