John F. Kennedy International Airport (USA, New York)

2. Galapagos Cruise The sacred city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, is made up of monastic complexes dedicated to different sects of Buddhism including Theravada, Mahavihara, and Mahayana. It also has four monumental stupas (Jetavana, Ruyanvelisaya, Mirisavati and Abhayagiri). Introduction to Ruse Adding more excitement to its water fun, Dubai has numerous world class beach water […]

Heist Brewery

Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum David checks out the inside of the Cathedral with its high ceilings and intricate altar, as well as the beautiful whitewashed façade of the church, greatly contrasting its pigeon-damaged sides. Find out everything you need to know about visiting this city with the DBH Guide: El Salvador, also available for your Kindle. […]

History and Military Memorial

How has your multicultural heritage influenced the way you travel and eat? In the Spring of 2014 I had the pleasure of traveling through Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina for We filmed beautiful scenery, cities, monuments, and met some amazing people along the way. In addition to my regular production, I wanted to showcase […]

Where to Eat in Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Relax at the Szechenyi Spa in Budapest, Hungary The Restaurant is a open-air shopping mall with lots, restaurants, along with paved paths . You could easily spend an whole afternoon (or 2 ) leisurely perusing the beautiful stores, particularly the enormous Gucci and Prada outlets. Each individual has their own building! Favorite International Airport? Helping […]

What to See and Do in Merida, Spain

Passau Milou blogs at Explorista, where she aims to inspire female millennials to live more adventurously – wether in their careers or their travels. She juggles her busy travel schedule and her blogs with being the CEO of her own marketing agency for travel brands called Explorista Media. Visit the Global Vipassana Pagoda This may surprise […]

30 Inspiring Instagram Images of Swaziland

Pirin Sings Folklore Festival We attended the stingray feeding which was a blast. They take place every day at 10:30 and 1pm, on Sunday the feedings occurs at 1:30pm. They have a staff of about 250 volunteers and have been serving the community for 54 years. On the preserve they have four sea turtles that […]